New release: Lanz - Incinerator: The New Church (PAM01)

Jan 01 2011

This CD contains 60 minutes of extreme Satanic, hatefull, original and experimental "industrial" black metal.

The album contains a cover of Burzums 'Tomhet', the Dutch hit 'Slik mijn zaad voor Satan', a guest appearance by one of the members of Satanic Blood, a secret track and much more interesting stuff!

Recorded, mixxed and mastered by V.Xul (ex- FUNERAL WINDS, ex-LIAR OF GOLGOTHA, ex-ISRATHOUM, a.o) and Hellchrist Xul (FUNERAL WINDS, DOMINI INFERI, HAATSTRIJD, a.o.).

2 full tracks can be heard on the releases page.

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