Review: Lanz - Incinerator: The New Church

Feb 23 2013

Found a great review for our first release, Lanz - Incinerator: The New Church, we didnt see before. Thanks Crucial Blast!

"The onslaught of Dutch necro-weirdness continues! I've been turning up all kinds of cool, bizarre black metal from the Dutch underground lately, which seems to be fertile ground for the sort of outre Satanic filth that I've been particularly lusting after. This one is from the industrial black metal band Lanz, who has been around for nearly two decades spreading his extreme strain of hateful, Satanic necro-tech through obscure, hard-to-find demos, but it wasn't until just recently that Lanz finally got around to putting out their first album Incinerator: The New Church, a deliriously hateful genocide fantasy set to a mutating backdrop of black metal ferocity and deranged electronic music. This sixteen-song album (now reissued by the maniacs at Post-Apocalyptic, who also did that terrific debut album from black metal/techno mutants Pavillon Rouge) features a mix of re-worked material off of those older demos along with a bunch of new material, and the sound is substantially more fucked-up than any of the previous stuff that I've heard from Lanz. Like you'd expect, this springs from the sort of industrialized black metal that Mysticum and Aborym pioneered back in the 90s, but Lanz takes that sound and drops it into an even more freaked-out sonic assault, shifting recklessly out of the blazing, mechanized black metal into passages of rough synthesizer music a la the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack, pounding, almost gabba-style blasts of blackened techno smeared with frenzied distorted synths and evil carnival melodies, to passages of brain-damaged house music, apocalyptic trip-hop soundscapes and off-kilter synth pop. This stuff sounds like it could well be the product of a genuinely disturbed mind, and Lanz holds no fealty to black metal doctrine; out of nowhere, you'll suddenly be hit with blown-out classic Slayer riffs suddenly erupting into hoovering synths and pounding industrial techno, or slip into rumbling black ambience that morphs into wild Electrocutionerdz / Dataclast-esque synthgrind. Unpredictable, surreal death-worship set to pounding hellish electro-BM, liberally laced with visions of narcotics-worship, self mutilation and blood sacrifice that reaches some sort of apex of weirdness with "Slik Mijn Zaad For Satan", where the music turns into some sort of perverse pop complete with acoustic guitars and piano. There's also a cover of Burzum's "Tomhet" at the very end that re-thinks that classic song as a weirdly Goblin-esque industrial black dirge. Primo bizarro. Check it out if you're already a hardcore devotee of bands like Dodheimsgard, Gorgonea Prima, Blacklodge, Cssaba, and Divizion S-187..."