Review: Styxian Industries - The Last Generation

Oct 19 2014

Hailing from the depths of an utopian technocracy (a "democracy" where machines rule the world...beautiful isn´t it?) with a nice touch of Prypiat Spice in the concept...i have found this band through a friend of mine...and man, i was excited...i am a sucker for industrial music...since the day i´ve met Kraftwerk...i adopted the man - machine symbiosis as a creed and also as an interesting perspective...always supporting the artificial intelligence ideology and also the cyber perfection path...the only where man can achieve the final goal of immortality trough its own creation...a paradox barely written...yet is the most promising so far to reset the mankind´s evolution button.

Influenced by the gods Of Aborym, Samael (Industrial Era), Diabolicum...and many more...this band has an interesting perception on the industrial concept in black many rejected and by a few worshipped the consensus of metal as a whole, embraced.
This MCD is great...because besides its many has a unique sound...chaotic, post apocalyptic...if we can use an analogy to put this into easier and less technical the soundtrack for skynet rising...and humans kneeling to its definitive the matrix machines and sentinels had a friday beer party and this is their "best of" remix...just a little better is the picture in your head now isn´t it?

The Last Generation EP is promising...indeed it i always said...we need more bands like Aborym...and this is a great example why we need see...i believe in the diversity of a subgenre...altough i know it gets massive and a little out of hand...isn´t that the premise of the concept itself then? to have more bands...good enough to listen to and with a distinctive sound among others to offer alternatives to all of us to listen what we like?...electronic elements in metal have been since the early days...but some don´t even recognize it or know about make them catch up on how things are going today in the industrial black scene...this is a great start.

also it is important to remark that as a distinctive characteristic of their sound is the usage of e - drums being jammed and flooded as a distortion...taking away the overlooked use of samplers and beats that drive to nothing but boredom and just copying everyone else.
enjoy this ep as i did...and always pending on more to come from this band from the always amusing and endearing Netherlands.